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Support the Educators for America Act!

We are thrilled to see that school librarians were included in the Educators for America Act of 2023 (H.R. 2992 and S. 1341)! Now, we need your help to show support for this tremendous legislation!  

Philadelphia Restoration Campaign Releases White Paper on School Librarians

Philadelphia Alliance to Restore School Librarians (PARSL) has released a new White Paper, “Ensuring Equity and Access to School Librarians and School Library Services in the School District of Philadelphia.” It outlines the status of school libraries in the School District of Philadelphia, provides relevant research on the impact to students, and proposes a multi-year strategic solution. 

Put an end to book bans in New Jersey!

The New Jersey House and Senate are considering bills that would put an end to book bans in the state. But we need your support of these bills!

Book Bans in Forsyth County GA Book Bans in Forsyth County GA Schools and Civil Rights Violation Are Civil Rights Violation

The Office for Civil Rights at the US Department of Education recently released a letter and resolution agreement detailing the outcome of an investigation into civil rights violations at Forsyth County (GA) School District concerning book bans and the hostile climate around the removals. 

The New Jersey Association of School Librarians and EveryLibrary Survey Legislative Candidates

Candidates running for seats in the Primary Election for the New Jersey General Assembly and Senate show overwhelming support for school libraries.

The Philadelphia Alliance to Restore School Librarians (PARSL) and EveryLibrary Survey City Council and Mayor Candidates

Volunteers from Philadelphia Alliance to Restore School Librarians (PARSL) conducted a survey to gauge the awareness of running for City Council and Mayor about the current state of school libraries in the Philadelphia School District. The survey aimed to measure candidates' support for school libraries staffed by certified school librarians. Currently, the district has only one full-time librarian for all of its 218 schools, a fact that many Philadelphians are unaware of.

Urgent Action Alert: Montana is Five Votes Short of Defeating HB234

We are sharing an urgent call to action from our colleagues at the Montana Library Association. HB234, a bill that would criminalize educators including school librarians is five votes short of defeat in the Montana House. Please help protect school librarians and educators from criminal prosecution under obscenity laws. The vote is Thursday, February 9. Now is the time. 

NJASL Info Literacy Bill Goes to the Governor

It's official. The New Jersey School Library Association's information literacy bill S588 has passed the state Senate and House and moves on to the Governor to sign it into law! This is a banner day for students across New Jersey as these new Info Lit standards - with school librarians at the forefront - begin to be written. 

Montana Retained the Ratios

There's great news from our colleagues at the Montana Library Association: The Board of Public Education voted to retain the ratios of school librarians, guidance counselors, and admin staff to students across Montana schools. The proposal before the BPE to make the change was driven more by politics than what was best for the students. This campaign to retain the rations by MLA, the school counselors association, and MFPE, the state union, will ensure that students and their families have the right staffing in every school. 

DCPS Needs School Librarians - Pass Students' Right to Read Amendment

We have been supporting school library stakeholders across DC Public Schools in their campaign to see stable and permanent funding for their positions in the budget. It's time for the City Council to pass the Students' Right to Read Amendment and fully fund these positions. EveryLibrary is giving testimony for the fourth time this week to City Council to encourage them to include school librarians in the regular budget.