PETITION: Don't Ban the Bible and Other Books in Texas Schools!

Books such as Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, Anne Frank’s Diary (The Graphic Adaptation) and even the Bible are being arbitrarily removed from Keller School District Libraries.

Who's Signing?

Nancy Sasko
Kristen Allbritton
Renee Ducker
Stephen Beck
Andrae Cox
Yolandi Neuhoff
Kelley Hively
Wayne Robbins
Tracy Randolph
Dominika Wojtukiewicz
Christie James
Holly Pelkey
Donald Seagraves
Brian Riggs
Steven McCrary
Maria Kiefer
Jody Mahar
Alison McMackin
Carmen Glass
Deborah Liptak
Candace Jost
Stacey Soltoff
Lindsay Higbee
Rebecca McKenzie-Appling
Robert McCurrin
Lois Way
Lydia Hood
Martina Sutton
Stephanie Kuersten