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School librarians are more than just keepers of books; they are essential members of the education community. They provide vital resources, guidance, and support to both students and educators, fostering a love of reading, promoting information literacy, and enhancing educational outcomes.

We are thrilled to see that school librarians were included in the Educators for America Act of 2023 (H.R. 2992 and S. 1341)!

Now, we need your help to show support for this tremendous legislation!



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The Educators for America Act is a transformative piece of legislation aimed at building the capacity of educator preparation programs, recruiting diverse educators, and fostering partnerships between higher education and state and local partners.


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By including school librarians in the definition of "educator" within this act, we can ensure that the next generation of certified, qualified, and empowered school librarians are in place to support student success.

Ensuring that school librarians remain in the definition of an “educator” is critically important to the future of school libraries.

Your support is crucial in advocating for the inclusion of school librarians in the Educators for America Act.


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By taking action, you can help raise awareness among lawmakers about the vital role school librarians play in our education system and the positive impact they have on students' academic and personal development.

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