The latest information in the fight for school libraries and school librarians. Brought to you by Follett and EveryLibrary


The latest information in the fight for school libraries and school librarians. Brought to you by Follett and EveryLibrary

Help Keep School Librarians in Chatham NJ Schools - Sign the Petition

The School District of the Chathams is cutting school librarians - again.  Learn more - and Please sign the petition today! If you live in the district, then please attend the school board meeting on April 26th and speak out against our students being denied a school library with a certified school librarian! Click to learn more:

Why Are DC Public School Librarians Being FIRED? We Are An Educational Necessity

School librarians hold the keys to educational success coming out of COVID. But the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) system is continuing to try and dismantle the DCPS School Library Program by "excessing" their school librarians. 

NYCSLA and EveryLibrary Partnership

Clark County Affirms the Need for Certified School Librarians

The Clark County (NV) School Board listened last week when hundreds of parents, certified school librarians, educators, and stakeholders said that certified school librarians should be central in their new district Effective School Libraries policy. Now it's time to keep them accountable as Policy 6161 is implemented. 

Comments on the Clark County School Board Proposed Library Policy

The Clark County (NV) School District is considering a revision to their policy about school library programs. The of the new policy is to make their library programs more "Effective", which we applaud. However, the school board is currently considering making certified school librarians optional in implementing the policy. We have grave concerns that not ensuring certified school librarians are teaching the library program means that students won't truly benefit. 

PA Legislative Candidates Overwhelmingly Support School Libraries

Pledge to Vote Yes: AzLA and EveryLibrary Back Prop 208 for Arizona Education Funding

The Arizona Library Association (AzLA), the Teacher Librarian Division of AzLA, and EveryLibrary are partnering to support Arizona Ballot Proposition 208: The Invest in Education Act.

School Libraries Stand in the Gap - What Every School Administrator Needs to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education system in the United States since this past spring when classes were abruptly halted and students were sent home to complete the rest of their semesters through virtual classrooms. This is a time when smart school administrators should look to their school librarians to help fill the gap.

PETITION: Tell Congress to Stabilize School Funding for the Fall

The Coronavirus economic shutdowns have threatened the financial stability of schools across the country. The future of school library programs and school librarian positions are tied directly to the financial health of their local districts.

School Libraries and the COVID Slide Report from EveryLibrary Institute

School librarians, long identified as thought leaders in school communities, provide invaluable services and resources to children in times of crisis. With educators facing unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, school librarians and their libraries play a more important role than ever. The new report "School Libraries and the COVID Slide" from the EveryLibrary Institute looks closely at how school library programs staffed by certified school librarians can help stand in new education gaps during COVID disruptions.