The latest information in the fight for school libraries and school librarians. Brought to you by Follett and EveryLibrary


The latest information in the fight for school libraries and school librarians. Brought to you by Follett and EveryLibrary

Tweet for School Libraries!

I know that you support school libraries in the United States. I also know that you understand how important these educational institutions are to the future success of our country. Unfortunately, many of our political leaders on both sides of the political spectrum haven’t heard from you or people like you. That’s why I wanted to make it easier for you to reach your friends, family and colleagues to contact their state representatives about supporting school libraries through our petition platform with these Twitter and Facebook links.

New School Year - Support Your School Librarians

Whether your 2019-2020 school year started in August or it’s just getting underway now that Labor Day is behind us, we need your help to focus on the future of school library funding. Across the country, threats to school library programs are well known and ongoing. The solution is a combination of direct action with local school leaders and a new approach to fixing state-level funding for education to include school librarians and school library programs. EveryLibrary, through our initiative and state library association partnerships, is hard at work on both parts of the solution. And we continue to need your help as a donor and activist to build momentum this year.

Launch a Petition for School Libraries!

Is your School Library being threatened with budget cuts? Is there a compelling piece of legislation in your state that would support or disrupt library services? Are there organizations or government agencies that are disrupting library services, programs, or events? If so, then let us help!

Stand Up for School Librarians In Chicago

School libraries are a huge issue in America today and unfortunately have been for a while and frankly probably will be for a while to come. That's why we held this rally at the American Library Association Conference in Chicago. You can read the whole article on Huffington Post.

A Win in Iowa!

We are excited to announce that the campaign to keep school librarians from being “optional” in Iowa State Senate Bill 1190 in Iowa was wildly successful and the language was removed from the bill. In less than 12 hours over 500 people across the state of Iowa signed the petition. Your actions made this possible!

A win for school librarians in Georgia

Thank you to everyone who voiced your support for media specialists and all certified educators to be part of the pay raise! Thanks to your actions, we were able to include ALL certified educators in the House FY20 budget.  

EveryLibrary Helps with Nevada School Librarians Move SB 143 this Session

Passing SB 143 would give all Nevada students access to the best educational resource: a school librarian. 

Vote For Question #1 in Utah for School Library Funding

The Utah Library Association and EveryLibrary invite you to take the Pledge to Vote For Question #1 this November. Question #1 is an important and necessary proposal to increase school library funding in Utah through a new motor fuel tax. If it passes, 70% of the funding will go directly to improve education in local school districts. School Library Media Specialists are named in the proposal, and that is why we are endorsing Question #1.

Vote YES on Amendment 73 for Colorado School Libraries

Please join EveryLibrary, the Colorado Association of Libraries, and the Colorado Association of School Librarians in taking the Pledge to Vote YES on Amendment 73 this November.

A Win for School Librarians in the Tamalpais High School District

We are excited to announce a win in the Tamalpais High School District in California where the teacher-librarians at Tamalpais, Redwood, and Drake High Schools were given preliminary lay-off notices. We were able to work closely with individuals on the ground to mount a campaign to contact the school board and push back against these cuts.