The latest information in the fight for school libraries and school librarians. Brought to you by Follett and EveryLibrary


The latest information in the fight for school libraries and school librarians. Brought to you by Follett and EveryLibrary

Reverse Michigan's Falling Literacy Rates with These Three Bills

In the midst of Michigan's severe literacy crisis, school libraries have almost disappeared and we need your help to bring them back.

DCPS Read-in to Save School Libraries

Our colleagues at WTU, the Washington Teachers Union, are hosting an important day of action to highlight the role, impact, and importance of school librarians in DCPS.

An Important Letter to the Glen Ridge BOE

We are sharing an important email from Erin and Ingrid, two of the parents in Glen Ridge who are part of the movement to save the High School librarian position next fall. We hope that the School Board will do the right thing for students and the community.

Three Bills in Michigan to Restore School Librarians and Libraries

EveryLibrary is thrilled to report that our colleagues at the Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME), the state association for school librarians there, have succeeded in having three bills introduced in their legislature that would go a long way to restoring school librarians to each and every school in the state!

Help Save the Last High School Librarian in Glen Ridge New Jersey

The school district in Glen Ridge New Jersey is about to make a bad decision for their students, families, and town.  

HCRHS Retains their School Librarians

On Monday, April 26th, the school board for the Hunterdon Central Regional High School (HCRHS) in Flemington, NJ listened to public pressure and removed the elimination of school librarians from the agenda.

Help Keep School Librarians in Chatham NJ Schools - Sign the Petition

The School District of the Chathams is cutting school librarians - again.  Learn more - and Please sign the petition today! If you live in the district, then please attend the school board meeting on April 26th and speak out against our students being denied a school library with a certified school librarian! Click to learn more:

Why Are DC Public School Librarians Being FIRED? We Are An Educational Necessity

School librarians hold the keys to educational success coming out of COVID. But the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) system is continuing to try and dismantle the DCPS School Library Program by "excessing" their school librarians. 

NYCSLA and EveryLibrary Partnership

Clark County Affirms the Need for Certified School Librarians

The Clark County (NV) School Board listened last week when hundreds of parents, certified school librarians, educators, and stakeholders said that certified school librarians should be central in their new district Effective School Libraries policy. Now it's time to keep them accountable as Policy 6161 is implemented.