Stop The Destruction of School Libraries in the US

Please sign and share a petition to take action to support our children's access to school libraries across the country.

Across the country we are seeing school library budgets get slashed. Children all over the United States are losing access to this important resource. We’re working really hard at EveryLibrary to help support these school libraries and ensure that our children are not denied the education that they deserve with a well-funded library. But we can’t do it without your support. That’s why we’re asking you to sign and share some of our most recent school library petitions.

If you don't live in any of the states below, please consider signing and sharing our petition for school libraries across the country!

Support School Librarians in PA
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Across Pennsylvania, School librarians are being eliminated. Just last week, school librarians were one of the many positions recently eliminated in Scranton. Across Philadelphia school libraries are being closed and in many rural communities the school libraries have been closed for years. That’s why we’re supporting this legislation to ensure that Pennsylvania children have school libraries across the entire state!

Stand up for Chicago School Libraries
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Last week the Mayor of Chicago and the CEO of the School District used the school library as a political prop in their photo op. The only problem? The library had been closed for students for the last 3 years due to the decisions of the Mayor and the School Board. In fact, Chicago School Libraries are being drastically cut, especially in the most underserved communities creating an even bigger gap in resources to diverse communities.

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Oakland Students Deserve School Libraries
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The School Board in Oakland voted to eliminate the head librarian in Oakland schools while 30 percent of its 80 school libraries are already closed. At the high school level it's even worse. Fourteen of OUSD’s 17 high school libraries are closed. And the remaining three are run by a teacher, not a credentialed librarian.

Send an Email to Support East Greenwich RI school Libraries
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The East Greenwich High School Library has been without a librarian for the 2017-18 school year. The Town Council and School Committee have failed to fix this serious issue. As a result, East Greenwich High School students have no access to the school library; the same library that our tax dollars paid over $1 million to update several years ago.

Hold Washington State Accountable for School Libraries!
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We have a rare and important chance to help students in Washington state get the school library services they need, and for taxpayers to hold the legislature and Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction accountable on delivering their promises through supporting HB 2695 and SB 6460

Fix School Library Funding Across the United States
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You might not live in any of the areas of the other petitions focus on, but school libraries are being closed and defunded across the country. This crisis comes at a critical time for school libraries and education as a whole. Currently, the United States is ranked 16th out of 23 countries in literacy proficiency, 21st in numeracy proficiency, and 14th in problem solving in technology-rich environments, according to an OECD survey. Each of these problems is one that can be solved with a strong school library program. Please sign this petition to show that thousands of Americans support school libraries and are willing to stand up for them.

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We’re truly counting on you to help us fight for school libraries in the United States. Please share these petitions on your social media and in your networks to let more Americans know about this crisis. You can also help us reach millions more Americans through social media by making a contribution that we can use to buy ads and raise awareness for school libraries. A monthly donation of just $1, $3, or $5 goes a long way and so does a larger one-time donation. Please help us fight for our children’s education today!

Patrick "PC" Sweeney
Political Director


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