Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians

Fewer than a dozen school librarians are currently serving over 200,000 students in Philadelphia public schools. Help create a positive change for education by joining with hundreds of library supporters at the Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians on Friday, January 24th.

Join the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association and EveryLibrary at the "Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians" on Friday, January 24, from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. in front of the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) Administration Building, at 440 N. Broad Street in Philadelphia. 

Fewer than a dozen school librarians are currently serving over 200,000 students in Philadelphia public schools. Literacy rate, test scores, and student achievement suffer as a result. With over 340 schools, Philadelphia is the largest city in the country to have so few school librarians working to help students learn, grown, and succeed. We are rallying in front of the district administration building to not just highlight this problem but to call on the school board and administration to put school librarians back to work across the district. Research here in Pennsylvania shows that school librarians make the difference for all kinds of learners. And Philadelphia's students deserve it. 

Join us starting at 12:00 noon for our 12:30 pm rally at the School District Administration building in Philadelphia. RSVP now so we can keep you up-to-date on all the speakers and rally activities. Because our students matter this is a 'snow, rain, or shine' event!

Tragically, this educational crisis isn't confined to Philadelphia. School districts all across Pennsylvania have eliminated certified school librarians and cut their budgets for school library programs. That's why PSLA is working in Harrisburg to pass HB 1355 and SB 752, important bills that would mandate at least one school librarian in schools across the Commonwealth. We are rallying to make our voices heard with our elected officials and to support the 76 co-sponsors of these critical pieces of legislation. 

In Philadelphia, across Pennslyvania, and around the country our students need dedicated professional librarians in their academic lives. Help create this positive change for education in our community by joining with hundreds of library supporters at the Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians at lunchtime on Friday, January 24th.

Please RSVP now so we can keep in touch in the lead up to the rally. If you'd like to help as a volunteer at the event, let us know when you RSVP.  Thank you!

Scheduled rally speakers are City Councilwoman Helen Gym, State Representative Thomas Murt, primary co-sponsor of HB 1355, State Senator Larry Farnese, co-sponsor of SB 752, Jerry Jordan, President of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT), Kendra Brooks, City Councilwoman and a parent of a SDP student, Jessica Way, Caucus for Working Educators, Debbie Grill, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools leader and retired SDP librarian, and Kayla Johnson, a senior at Masterman High School Student. Lauren Comito, co-founder of Urban Librarians Unite, will emcee the rally. We anticipate media coverage.


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    Please RSVP: Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians https://www.saveschoollibrarians.org/rally_psla_20?recruiter_id=546983
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