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Tweet for School Libraries! Just click to share these pre-written tweets to encourage your followers to contact their representatives to support school libraries. It only takes a few seconds to make a big difference.

I know that you support school libraries in the United States. I also know that you understand how important these educational institutions are to the future success of our country. Unfortunately, many of our political leaders on both sides of the political spectrum haven’t heard from you or people like you.

That’s why I wanted to make it easier for you to reach your friends, family and colleagues to contact their state representatives about supporting school libraries through our petition platform with these Twitter and Facebook links.

Many states across the country aren't supporting funding for school librarians. Facing these drastic cuts, many schools are choosing to make cuts in school libraries and lay off school librarians. This crisis comes at a critical time for school libraries and education as a whole. Currently, the United States is ranked 16th out of 23 countries in literacy proficiency, 21st in numeracy proficiency, and 14th in problem solving in technology-rich environments, according to an OECD survey. Each of these problems is one that can be solved with a strong school library program and you can support developing stronger library programs by signing and sharing this petition to send an email your state representatives.

You can use this form to send your state representatives a quick and positive message about school libraries.
Then, please click to share this petition on Facebook and help us reach more people like you.

But, it will really help us reach more people like you if you also take a moment and share the petition on Facebook and Twitter. We even made it easier with these sample tweets that you can send out with just a click.

  • Research shows that there is a positive correlation between school library access and student achievement. Please send an email to your representative to support school libraries. CLICK TO TWEET

  • Thousands of schools have shuttered their school libraries and fired their school librarians. We can’t let this continue. Please send an email to your representative to support school libraries. CLICK TO TWEET

  • We need to ensure that our children have access to their school libraries. That won't happen unless our representatives hear from people like us. Please contact your representative using this form. CLICK TO TWEET

  • We can’t let our children continue to be denied access to the largest classroom in the school, the school library. Please take a moment to contact your representatives to support school libraries. CLICK TO TWEET

  • Only a third of American students perform at a proficient reading level. We can reverse this crisis by asking our representatives to support school libraries. It only takes a few moments here. CLICK TO TWEET

You can also help us reach more Americans to encourage them to take action to support school libraries by starting a monthly donation. Every $10 we raise can help us reach over a thousand more Americans with petitions like these. And, if you start a donation of just $1 or more, we'll send you a great "I Love My Library" sticker in the mail so you can show off your support of libraries everywhere you go.

Thank you so much for supporting school libraries. Your efforts are truly making a difference in the fight for literacy and learning in the United States.


Patrick "PC" Sweeney
Political Director


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