A Win for School Librarians in the Tamalpais High School District

We are excited to announce that the Tamalpais High School District librarians in California were saved thanks to your support!

We are excited to announce a win in the Tamalpais High School District in California where the teacher-librarians at Tamalpais, Redwood, and Drake High Schools were given preliminary lay-off notices. We were able to work closely with individuals on the ground to mount a campaign to contact the school board and push back against these cuts.

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Thanks to our individual donors and thanks to our corporate sponsor, Follett, we were able to create an online petition, spend hundreds of dollars in digital ads and media, and rally hundreds of residents to take action to support the high school libraries. We received the following message that your efforts paid off and the Board of Trustees listened to school library supporters like you;

I am excited to report that on Tuesday, April 17, the Tamalpais High School Board of Trustees voted to make budget cuts in other areas instead of the elimination of employees due to a reduction in particular kinds of services. What this means is that students will continue to have access to full-time librarians at Tamalpais, Redwood and Drake High Schools at Tamalpais Union High School District, Marin County, California. The board received over 150 emails regarding fully-staffed libraries and the board president, Leslie Lundrgren Harlander, has stated that she will be answering each email.

Thank you for advocating for our students. Every child deserves a fully staffed school library.

With gratitude,

Melissa Bowman, Teacher-Librarian
Tamalpais High School

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