Support School Libraries in New Jersey

School Libraries are vital for students from every social and economic background. But across New Jersey, not every student or school has a certified school librarian. We need your help to connect with state legislators and school boards across the state to fund school library programs, hire more certified school librarians, and create new standards for information literacy in the state. So much learning is tied to literacy and access to reading. New funding and appropriate education standards are needed now to help every student succeed. Please join with thousands of other people across the Garden State and help the New Jersey Association of School Librarians send this important message to our elected officials today. 

This petition is sponsored by NJASL, the New Jersey Association of School Librarians, and is supported by EveryLibrary, the national political action committee for libraries. 

Will you sign?

I am signing this petition today to ask that elected officials across the Garden State do three important things to help ensure that every student has access to an effective school library program: 

  • Fund school library programs so that every school has books and ebooks to support learning and studies
  • Hire qualified, certified school librarians to teach and guide our students in their learning and reading
  • Create new Information Literacy standards to ensure that every child is prepared for school and the world

Please add my name to the growing list of people across New Jersey who want to see education, literacy, and learning success. 

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