PETITION: Kent School District Must Follow Policy to Protect Students and Staff From Censorship

The principal of the Cedar Heights Middle School circumvented the district’s procedure around challenging books in the library by removing several books from circulation without a review process.

Who's Signing?

Michelle Yu
Talya Hardy
Pauline Thomas
Heather Harman
Lauren Silva
Daniel Wilson
Ellis Dameon
Mel Pelton
Nancy Tom
Cheryl Heupel
Hilari Anderson
Eileen K Lamphere
Robert Allred
Wendy Lueck
Benjamin Williamson
michael merow
Rebekah Perry
Allison Rodriguez
Carrie Stultz
Emrys Minnig
Bernadette Salgado
Karen Russell
Bob Zimmerman
Alaina Brown
Genevieve Williams
Elenya Herring
Julianna Robinson
Karen M Kasprzyk
Robin Howe
Kirsten Redding