PETITION: Support Education Jobs During Covid

Please sign this petition to support HR 8691 today if you care about school libraries and education in the United States.

Who's Signing?

Randall Herrington
Melissa Barnard
Mary Carroll
Liz Lambert
Mike Walker
Matthew Klimczak
Bonnie Marie Benson
Gregg Matson
Ann Laner kaplan
Laurie Cartwright
Rashid Patch
Wingate Steitz
Patrick Green
Anne Goldfeld
Heather McBride
Ellen Smiley
Angie Heide
Marie Godsey
Judith Niles
Carolyn McAfee
Dawn Mulvaney
colin goldstein
Barbara Keiser
Lisa D'Ambrosio
Benny Watson
Nancy Weatherwax
Kay White
John Dwyer
Rene Saller
Susan Wright