PETITION: Support Education Jobs During Covid

Please sign this petition to support HR 8691 today if you care about school libraries and education in the United States.

Who's Signing?

Gwenn Redding
Melissa Lowe
Beth Smith
Fred Gitner
Blythe Clark-McKitrick
Robert Thornhill
Laurence Kant
Chelsea Vukovich
Kyla Waltermire
Catherine Bass
Janet Moser
Kandice Bilisoly
Mary Garrett
Haley Frailey
John Da Via
Michelle Kauffold
Ruth Asbel
jaleh gautreaux
Elissa Malcohn
Ellen White
Melinda Robinson-Paquette
Chris Rea
Derya Ruggles
Ann Rennacker
Daniel Patton
Michele Levy
Tina Krauz
Christine Kay
Tricia Dean
Brian Kelly