SEND AN EMAIL: Support the “Student Right to Read Amendment" for D.C. Schools

Thousands of #DCPS students will be impacted if the “Right to Read Amendment Act of 2021” is not passed by the DC Council soon. DC parents, students, & staff, please email Chairman Mendelson to have this bill passed before it expires next month.

Who's Signing?

Madeline McGuire
Antonia Spencer
Vanessa Steffen
Brittany Champion
Maria Singman
Susan Bloom
Rodney Johnson
Jessica O’Connell
Margaret May
Kadijah Kemp
Yaqueline Clauss
Shannon Whitaker
Brian Morrison
Victoria Bampoh
Kathleen Gaskill
Jennifer Cerasoli
Erica García
Heliana Farley Nino Lemus
Rebecca Burton
Yuri Casas
Judy Taylor
Rebecca Bradshaw-Smith
Tracy Meserve
Amy Garlitz
Claire Fogarty
Susannah Hall
Jamila Reddy
Jennifer Saunders
Joanna Sargent