PETITION: Tell Congress to Stabilize School Funding for the Fall

The Coronavirus economic shutdowns have threatened the financial stability of schools across the country. The future of school library programs and school librarian positions are tied directly to the financial health of their local districts.

In the decade since the last recession, one in five full-time school librarian jobs were lost. Districts serving high numbers of poor and minority students were particularly hard hit. While we are fighting district-by-district to ensure that every student has access to a school library staffed with a state-certified school librarian, we know very clearly that schools need stable and adequate funding to reopen properly this fall.

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The real solution for educational funding shortfalls during COVID lies with Congress. That is why we are backing the Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act (CCCERA). In July, Senator Murray (D-WA) proposed CCCERA to provide $430 billion in stabilization funds for schools and districts, child care, E-rate, and higher ed. State education agencies would receive $175 billion to put to work across individual districts. Governors would be allocated $33 billion to address immediate crises. The rapid move to digital education has exposed massive inequities between families and across districts for distance learning. The CCCERA would provide $4 billion to libraries and schools to help bridge this divide with much-needed digital infrastructure hardware for families.

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Join us and send an email to Congress asking them to stabilize funding for schools like the in the CCCERA. Regardless of whether the schools are open virtually, as a hybrid, or all in-person, our schools need proper funding so our students can learn and our school librarians and teachers can teach. Please make your voice heard in Congress today