PETITION: Fight Censorship of LGBTQ+ Books in Collierville

In Collierville, TN, leaders rated and then censored LGBTQ+ books to the detriment of the children they were intended to serve. There are conflicting reports regarding whether the books have been returned to the shelves.

Who's Signing?

Adrian Campbell
Cornelius Devlin III
Keliko Adams
Amy Salce
Myles Ray
Terry Coulston
Mary Huling
Emilee Hawkins
Hunter Shepard
Valerie Shelton
Lauren Lashley
Tonja Harmon
Emily Bartosch
Carolyn Burr
Jennifer Muirhead
Debbie Freeman
Nancy Butcher
Margaret Franklin
Lauren Boccia
Erin Lanham
Keith Salter
Mazapan Lindsey
Samuel Hunts
Jackie Wozniak
Davia Newton
Roselyn Payne
Dani B
Brooke Wyatt
Krystal White
Emily Parker