Read or Starve in Arkansas?

Arkansas Senator Proposes a Bill to Cut School Lunch Funding for Children Who Can't Read

Who's Signing?

Aj Zimmerman
Charlotte Agdahl
Erin Idehenre
Denise McCuistion
Debra Renfrew
Anne Peiffer
Clair Zech
Janelle Simon
Maggie Bokelman
Kathrine Vermillion
Jane Cothron
Patricia Toussaint
Karen Clark
Digna Artiles
Joyce Roy
Angela Zito
Susan Hawk
Brenda Jellies
Velma Andregg
Jessica Boelter
Kathy Hackler
Sarah Farr
Karen Simons
Olga Vega
Kathleen Stacy
Monica Strong
Terry Stein
Mary Ashcliffe
Barbara Spietz
Alyson Gullette

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  • Aj Zimmerman
    signed 2019-02-23 07:21:21 -0800
  • Charlotte Agdahl
    signed 2019-02-23 06:51:23 -0800
  • Erin Idehenre
    signed 2019-02-23 06:43:56 -0800
  • Denise McCuistion
    signed 2019-02-23 05:31:12 -0800
  • Debra Renfrew
    signed 2019-02-23 05:24:31 -0800
    Debra Renfrew
  • Anne Peiffer
    signed 2019-02-23 04:19:25 -0800
    If a child doesn’t get proper nutrition, learning is far more difficult. Don’t confuse the cart with the horse!
  • Clair Zech
    signed 2019-02-22 22:24:02 -0800
  • Janelle Simon
    signed 2019-02-22 21:48:11 -0800
    This is insanity. As a former teacher and media specialist, I am very aware of how critically important well fed children make everything – reading, math, all subject areas, attention span, classroom behavior, and EVERYTHING else – much more successful. This politician appears to know nothing about children and nothing about education. He also lacks compassion and morality.
  • Maggie Bokelman
    signed 2019-02-22 21:46:11 -0800
    I have never understood why struggling schools and struggling children get less funding. They need MORE funding. Now, they are literally being STARVED?
  • Kathrine Vermillion
    signed 2019-02-22 21:15:02 -0800
  • Jane Cothron
    signed 2019-02-22 21:05:05 -0800
    Hungry children have trouble learning. Instead of taking their lunch money, consider funding their school libraries and teaching staff. That will make learning to read much easier. Please don’t embarrass Arkansas with this proposed bill.
  • Patricia Toussaint
    signed 2019-02-22 19:39:36 -0800
  • Karen Clark
    signed 2019-02-22 19:39:34 -0800
    I would like to propose a bill to deny lunch to children of government officials that are unable to reduce the federal deficit. That should provide some incentive.
  • Digna Artiles
    signed 2019-02-22 19:15:37 -0800
  • Joyce Roy
    signed 2019-02-22 19:11:16 -0800
  • Angela Zito
    signed 2019-02-22 18:57:05 -0800
  • Susan Hawk
    signed 2019-02-22 18:56:18 -0800
    I am a high school librarian in Georgia. There are a few KNOWN FACTS about whichthis lawmaker seems to be obvious. 1) Students from low-income areas are more likely to struggle in school due to various socioeconomic factors. 2) Students in low-income areas may not have access to 3 square meals a day, and school lunches & breakfasts may be the only times they are fed all day. Now, you want to take away their only meal if they don’t make adequate gains in reading? Do you not recall that No Child Left Behind was scrapped because making consistent adequate gains from year to year is unattainable? What kind of Oliver Twist sick idea is this?? Please, sir, they some more!!
  • Brenda Jellies
    signed 2019-02-22 18:53:50 -0800
  • Velma Andregg
    signed 2019-02-22 18:08:01 -0800
    Don’t give our idiot republican legislators in Oklahoma any new ideas!
  • Jessica Boelter
    signed 2019-02-22 18:06:29 -0800
  • Kathy Hackler
    signed 2019-02-22 18:01:02 -0800
  • Sarah Farr
    signed 2019-02-22 17:25:11 -0800
  • Karen Simons
    signed 2019-02-22 17:23:44 -0800
  • Olga Vega
    signed 2019-02-22 17:23:06 -0800
  • Kathleen Stacy
    signed 2019-02-22 16:57:33 -0800
  • Monica Strong
    signed 2019-02-22 16:45:24 -0800
  • Terry Stein
    signed 2019-02-22 16:09:02 -0800
    Terry Stein
  • Mary Ashcliffe
    signed 2019-02-22 15:34:30 -0800
    Perhaps this legislator’s food should be reduced by increments for every I’ll conceived piece of legislation – like this one – that he proposes.

    If he really cared about the reading levels of these children, he’d propose legislation that would allow them to be adequately nourished (brains function better that way), warm in winter, and owning age appropriate books because book ownership makesbetter readers.
  • Barbara Spietz
    signed 2019-02-22 15:18:12 -0800
  • Alyson Gullette
    signed 2019-02-22 15:11:13 -0800