PETITION: Support Education Jobs During Covid

Please sign this petition to support HR 8691 today if you care about school libraries and education in the United States.

Who's Signing?

Nick Melander
Anna Faherty
Donald Harrison
Jacalyn Royce
Christine Gasco
Maria Zervos
Ansley Joye
Brittany Ham
Jorge DaCosta
Cathryn Sakiyama
Toby Merrick
Ilana Krug
Les Ruark
Patricia Rodgers
Luisa Marquardt
Allison Carmola
Anna Horton
Victoria Cartwright
Jane Littlefield
Don Means
Rachel Fiege
John Lamek Okodi
Christopher Harris
Carolyn Neal
Dorcas Hand
Frances Blythe
Maureen Watson
Adam Burke
William Stern