PETITION: Support Education Jobs During Covid

Please sign this petition to support HR 8691 today if you care about school libraries and education in the United States.

Who's Signing?

Anne Snyder
Kathryn Lindsay
Aren Ginsberg
Matthew Morrison
Barbara Newman
Andrea Frankel
MaryAnne Confer
Krista Bush
Donald Andreini
Pamela Hemphill
Tao Flaherty
Shirley Martyn
Anne F. Kriz
Alison Stankrauff
Pablo Wegesend
Pamela Shaw
Lynda Orzen
Michelle Ray
Maria Vallejo
Tara Smith
Lenore Dolph
Andrea Speed
Kathryn Dilworth
Joel Rane
casee maxfield
Bethanne Portala
Pat Malicher
Aloysius Wald
Josephine Girardin